British summer…well, up north it is fairly non-existent. We’ve had alot of rain. Alot of humidity. And a few days of good, ol’fashioned sunshininess. Complaining–me? Never! But seriously, I can’t complain–in America, it’s currently in the 100s of degrees Fahrenheit, which, in my book, is encroaching on WTF temperatures.

The L-town crew, circa 1987

My parents are coming over soon for a visit. They haven’t seen their 9 month old grandson since he was born, so, it’s going to be a pretty exciting visit. I miss them–my parents. My sister. My best friend. I also miss my childhood and teenage years in the States–ok, not the WHOLE time. But the summers. They were the BEST.

  • The vacations–to Amish country, renting a house in Ocean City, MD or in the Poconos with my aunt’s family
  • playing outside
  • sun-showers and running inside for a towel
  • trips to the pool
  • staying in our neighbours pool ALL DAY until we were ‘water-logged’
  • trips out for ice-cream and sitting on the pull-down of my dad’s truck or our family’s station wagon while we ate it
  • riding in the back of my dad’s flatbed truck (before it was illegal)
  • waiting and then RUNNING for the ice-cream man
  • the smell of newly mowed grass, even with the lawnmower/petrol smell, which, ALWAYS reminds me of my dad SO HARD that I end up aching with how much I miss him
  • summer thunderstorms–and sitting outside on the carport watching the lightning crash
  • Family barbecues
  • visiting my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins in upstate PA
  • playing ALL day, with kids on the street–and later, in my teens, riding around with friends and going on road trips
  • In high school–going away to the theatre festival at William and Mary College in Virginia

Our set for ‘Godspell’, 1998

  • My birthday!
  • Going to the shore–walking around the boardwalk and spending a small fortune trying to win candy and stuffed toys…or, in my parents case–cigarettes
  • St Mikes Fair–the tilt-a-whurl is still my favourite ride!
  • rolling up, at the end of summer, to the school to see what teacher we’d have that year…

There’s SO much that I remember and adore about that time. So much that I hold in my heart, and in my soul. I hope my son has just as good a time in the summer…even a northern British summer!

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  1. riotflower says:

    I miss summer too. SO MUCH! The long, calm, exciting and nurturing days of summer. Longing is what I feel when I look at the calendar and realise it is supposed to be July (and my brain keeps thinking it is March or October)…

    • athenapearl says:

      I know! However, I have to say that the last time we were in PA for part of the summer it was SO HOT. I couldn’t believe I used to deal with that every summer!

  2. mojolavo says:

    Shore trip next summer. Let’s do this.

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