Things I Want to Make or Do

1. Decorate our front room: ie I want to rip out the 70s gas fire and put in a working fire (by cleaning out the flue, etc.) complete with mantle, surround, and everything; I want to take off the ugly carpet and sand the original floorboards, restain, etc.; I want to paint the room an interesting colour–perhaps a terra cotta or rosey-brown; I want interesting bits of furniture, lots of fun colours, and framed pictures and artwork on the walls.

2. Decorate the rest of the house: I can make a list all day about everything I want to do, but I will just add it a bit at a time when we get around to it.

3. Eat everything in the freezer: I want to work on a better food budget for the house. We need to eat things in our freezer and larder, and only buy some things fresh every few weeks. We will end up coming up with a few interesting recipes, I’m sure, but it will be worth it in the long run.  There’s only so long you’re freezer should hold onto kippers.

4. Learn to use a sewing machine: Ok, I have used one before, but it was yonks ago, and I wasn’t any good with it even then.  A friend of mine has one and she’s offered to give me some basic lessons.  I want to make some cushion covers for these HUGE cushions I bought.  It will be an interesting project. Up until now, everything I’ve had to sew I’ve sewed by hand.

5. Make a sock creature: A friend of mine made me a brilliant sock monkey for my birthday, and also passed along a book about making sock ‘creatures’.  I’ve picked one out, and am just waiting to find the perfect pair of socks to start.

6. Write my books: I’ve been writing notes and story-lines for ages now, and I really want to get down to actually writing bits out.  I don’t know how far I’ll take this, but I’d like to think all the way to a publisher, but we’ll see. Also, I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager (of course) and have started to compile a ‘book’. I’m not sure there is much market for poetry these days, and they’re also fairly personal, so I don’t think I’d consider sending them off for someone to critique.

7. Make some new and interesting jewellery: I’ve only recently started making jewellery, and I’ve got a taste for it now.  I’ve come across some interesting designs for necklaces, and want to give those a go.

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  1. youngwifey says:

    Sounds like a good list. I have a lot of the same things on mine, I can’t wait to compare notes.

  2. riotflower says:

    The food rotation is also at the top of my list- especially bringing the disused grains into rotation.
    Do you have a weekly/monthly menu? We work on three weeks- things get changed here and there but it’s very useful to look on Tuesday and see that we should soak beans for Wednesday…
    And I cannot wait to watch your house blossom over the years!

    • Marie says:

      No, we don’t have a menu, and we SHOULD. That’s part of the resolution. We have to start. We don’t spend loads on food, as we search for bargains alot, but setting a menu would definately help us clear out stuff and to just buy the things we don’t have to add to the recipe (as well as normal weekly things).

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