Does anyone else’s kid GROWL?

My kid growls. He growls.

AND he throws mighty tantrums, which are surprising not only in their intensity, but in their NEWNESS.

I never thought that these would start so early. 6+ months, and we got full tantrums. He sees, he wants, and if he can’t have–boy, oh, boy.

The first stage is a whimpering cry–saying, I want that, so, give it to me. If that doesn’t happen, it escalates to stage two, which is turning beet red and screaming even louder. Stage three is going stiff as a board, going even redder, and screaming even LOUDER. Luckily for us, this screaming baby can be thwarted with silly faces and funny noises.

He LOVES remote controls, telephone handsets, mobile phones, cameras, etc, in stereotypical man fashion. I will usually relent with the remote, but, obviously, with things that are slightly dangerous for him, I won’t cave. But more and more, I keep thinking that he needs to learn that he can’t have every thing he wants. And then I think–is that reasonable? He’s not even 1 yet! Is this a lesson he can even learn? I’m not sure, but I guess, over time, he would learn. I just didn’t think we’d have to start this early!

And maybe I should be the type of mom who teaches those lessons, instead of, I don’t know…taking pictures….

It's clobberin' time! ((c) athenapearl)

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  1. Meghan says:

    sounds alot like our little monster! He calms down if we start quacking or making silly noises too – but man oh man, if the tantrums are like this at 6 months… can you imagine whats to come!?

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