Ok. I have a doodle. It was an art project, from my high-school art class. I had finished a previous project, with time to spare, so my awesome teacher gave me a huge piece of paper and a tiny-nibbed pen and said, ‘Go for it.’ Hence the name ‘doodle’–because I just drew whatever came to mind. Is it the best piece of art ever? No. Will it win the Turner prize? No. Do I love it? YES!

All through University, it hung over my bed, almost as a dreamcatcher. And now, that I have my own home, I have been wanting to frame it properly and hang it up. FINALLY–FINALLY–I measured the thing (American paper sizes are different to UK ones), and decided to get me a frame at IKEA.

So, I buy the frame. The next morning, I’m excited to put my doodle in this frame. I proceed to break the glass of the frame.

I then proceed to beat myself up for my innate stupidity and lack of patience.

I WOULD love you, picture frame, but you’ve broken my heart with your shoddy engineering (read: my ineptitude)!
picture copyright of madebygirl.com


  • Just get  a new frame.
  • Get new glass from a framing shop/glazier.
  • Buy a HUGE clip frame and cut the glass down to fit my frame.
  • Burn everything in a huge bonfire

I’m looking into all these options.
However, I am leaning towards cutting glass–I know, I know–not a great choice of activity for someone with the aforementioned stupidity and impatience. BUT–it might be the cheapest option, AND I can learn a handy new skill.  I’ve even had a look at this ‘How To’ video and instructions online: http://www.wikihow.com/Cut-Glass. So, in the hopefully near future–watch this space for my attempts at fixing this sham of a framing attempt!

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