Brownies–which I DID make for the bake sale…although THESE are a picture of different brownies…

On Wednesday the 12th of February, I brought into my office enough baked goods to choke a horse. The reason behind this was not our office’s love of cake (but, BONUS), or my need to bake yummy treats. It was in aid of the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Ramp Up the Red’ campaign. Basically, I wanted to raise some money.

And it worked. My awesome colleagues helped me raise over £30! And, in addition, I received about £10 in donations from my justgiving page.  I made brownies, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (which I called meltaways), red velvet cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting (low-fat, natch), and fat-free raisin and apricot tea loaf. I promise to post the recipes as soon as I can! They were a hit–especially the PB and CC cookies…I could have eaten the whole batch, and THEN my heart would have really been in trouble.

My reasoning behind this was simple–heart disease sucks. All of my son’s grandparents have had some heart problem in the past. My grandfathers both had heart problems. My great-grandfather died from heart problems at 40. It scares me. It scared me enough to get checked out after I had my son. Luckily, at the moment, my cholesterol is ok, my blood pressure is ok, and my triglycerides are okay. But still–it is frightening to think that there might be an ACTUAL ticking time bomb inside of you.

I want us all to be around a looooooooooong time. I want my son to have all of his grandparents for a loooooooong time. I know that £30 isn’t much, neither is £40, but every little bit helps. I want to know that if shit hits the fan, something might be done to take care of me and my loved ones. And all of your loved ones too.

Please give to The British Heart Foundation–if not on my justgiving page, then directly to the BHF itself. OR–have your own fundraiser! It’s fun! Let me know if you do and what you do!

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