I recently read a post by one of my favourite bloggers, Lori Dyan, concerning the same sentiment. I thought I’d give it a shot. Lori starts out by saying she’s not really into regrets, but if there is a bit of wisdom she could have had at that age, this is what she would have told herself. So, this is what I would have told myself (not that I would have believed it…):

  1. Stop being so serious. Subpoint: stop the drama. It will subdue with age, but become a lifelong habit that is hard to break.
  2. Sometimes girls don’t like you hanging out with their boyfriends, even if your just friends. See also point 3…
  3. Don’t get crushes on other girl’s boyfriends–even when you KNOW he will never want you…because he already had a girlfriend, duh…and, well, he might just be gay. The jury is still out. This will be sortof repeated again, but in a more honest way. It still won’t end well. You will listen to Foreigner’s ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ alot if you don’t avoid this. And also, more importantly, lose some friends. Some won’t matter–others will.
  4. You know how you’re a bit intimidated by people in drama? Don’t be. They’re good people. Because you sit around all quiet all the time (not seriously shedding your skin until your senior year), they think you’re reserved, or worse, stuck up. They’ll come around once you open up, but open up little clam.
  5. Speaking of opening up–meet as many new people as possible. Sure, you already are, but there are some great friends out there waiting!
  6. On the other hand, sometimes people aren’t your friends, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Some people are users. Some people just don’t like you. Deal with it. PS: I’m still struggling with this one.
  7. Stop worrying that you’re taller and bigger than most other girls. You’re cute, have a nice rack, and an ass that won’t quit. Go make out with some guys! They won’t say no, especially at that age. PS: Ditto on this one, although I did score myself a sweetass husband. Bonus.
  8. Stop being so afraid. You CAN sing, you CAN act, er…but no, you CANNOT dance…
  9. That said, be afraid of running for class Treasurer. You will lose. And to be honest–do you really want the job? Didn’t think so. Congrats again, Heather.
  10. You’re gonna fight with your mom. ALOT. Some things are unavoidable. Some things are hormonal. But for the love of Smucker’s jam, just cool off once in awhile and stop the argument before it starts. One of you’s gonna have to be the adult and its not always going to be your mom.
  11. You like to share your feelings. You always will. But there’s going to be someone who acts like they have your ‘best interest’ at heart, but will crush you by telling certain, specific people numerous lies and fabrications resulting in you losing a close friend, and making enemies of people who didn’t know you from Eve. So–don’t talk to guys who have crushes on you about other guys. It never ends well.
  12. Lastly, you’re going to look back on sixteen as an age of adventure and new beginnings. You just started high school. You just met a ton of new people. You’re involved in new activities, that you’re pretty good at. When you get older, you may not remember your high school years as the best of your life, but fairly close. So, relax. Have fun. Don’t worry so much about what other people think. You’re a good person.

Ok–so some of the things mentioned above seem like bad times. And maybe I wouldn’t have really wanted a warning. Every experience I’ve had has made me who I am, and has guided me to where I am. To the people in my life as well. Sure, there are things I might want to do a little differently, in order to save relationships, or not enter into weird situations, but where to draw the line. Because, if you look at anything close enough, even if its beautiful, you’ll see its cracks. Its imperfections. But I guess that’s life–imperfect, but beautiful.

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