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These are the songs I can’t seem to get out of my head so far this year. Its a bit lame, to be sure, as none of these songs are from this year, but I still recommend them as testaments to, and possible anthems of the new year. I love music, and I’m discovering new and interesting things everyday! Hopefully, someone will turn on to something new right here, right now!

  • Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys: I can’t exactly explain why I love this song, but love it I do. Its fresh in my mind after the new season premiere of Glee the other day…


  • Gates of Hell- The Features: My husband and I saw The Black Keys last year, and The Features opened for them. They were FANTASTIC, and this, though one of the more mellow songs, instantly hit me.


  • Rolling in the Deep- Adele: This has recently been played a fair bit on the radio, but with Adele’s deep, interesting, and soul-filled voice its a wonderful thing instead of a nuisance! And you gotta love the drums!



  • I’m Looking for Someone to Find Me- Richard Hawley: A friend passed an album of his on to me, and having heard some of  Hawley’s stuff before, immediately pounced on it. This song is jaunty, a little melancholy, but interesting in an Elvis Costello sort of way.


  • Sometimes- James:  Another concert, right before Christmas–and someone has kindly put up footage from the exact night we were there! We have some James CDs, but as they weren’t as popular in America, I had only heard the single ‘Laid’ when it was originally released. The concert, which was in the Manchester Evening News Arena, was chock-a-block. And it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  Sure, we got doused with beer several times by some dancing, slightly inebriated 40-somethings, but all in all it was the business. And this song, one of my favourites was one where everyone was up and singing.


  • Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls: Two things. 1. A friend gave me this album recently and subsequently we ended up listening to Dizzy Up the Girl at a house party she had. 2. The whole album brings out memories and nostalgia of the 1990s. This song in particular reminds me of dating my first serious boyfriend in high school, and how intense and loved up we both were for a little while. Ah, bless. P.S. I think Johnny Rzeznik is still wearing the same hair-do and ensemble.


  • Ain’t Good Enough For You- Bruce Springsteen: This has been playing on the radio since before Christmas, I think, due to its jangly, almost Christmas-song like quality almost as much as its recent release on Springsteen’s album ‘The Promise’. Its catchy, and even though it has the potential to be annoying, I like it. Plus, how cute was the Steen back then? AND I know who Jimmy Iovine is…


  • Get Over It- Ok Go: The title is basically my mantra for the new year…and Ok Go are way existential, as I’ve said before.


  • Garbage Truck- Sex Bob-omb (Beck): Scott Pilgrim was the best movie of last year–or at least one of them. Its so disappointing that not many people saw it. Rent it or buy it today! Seriously, you won’t regret it. This is from a battle of the bands scene in the film. P.S. In the movie Scott has like zero cash, so its interesting that he has a sweet Rickenbacker 4003 as his bass of choice, no?

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