Here are a few simple things I’m giving thanks for BEFORE Thanksgiving…


Autumn leaves © athenapearl

1. Autumn leaves, autumn leaves everywhere!



© NMcCardle2. Seeing an awesome photo of my sister and I, taken about 25 years or so ago, which I have never set eyes on before. How cute and psycho do we look?




© athenapearl

3. Fortuitously going into Yummy Cupcake (check out its yummy, yummy website) on the LAST DAY they were making Pumpkin cupcakes with Cream-cheese Icing…



4. Spotify–its a lifesaver when one is indexing a book!

4, subpoint a. Listening to Bruce Springsteen songs on Spotify. Some of those classics just seem autumn-y to me. Can’t say why.




© athenapearl

5. Leftover Halloween candy. Delicimundo.


6. Halloween Jack-o-lantern soup. Pictures and recipe to follow!




copyright Boston Herald

7. It is now, officially, hot chocolate season.

2 responses »

  1. MoVo says:

    Those cupcakes! Day-um. I want to go to there.

  2. Cupcakes sound awesome, as does the Springsteen and hot chocolate 🙂

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