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In February of this year, glamour model and, let’s face it, multi-media tycoon, Katie Price (aka Jordan) was pulled over for veering into another lane on the motorway–the suspiscion (and police argument) being  that she was using her mobile whilst driving  (see this article). She was driving a horsebox, which she claims to have little experience with (even though she owns horses and writes book about horses…). There’s some dispute over whether she was actually using her mobile, which is illegal, as claimed by the police. She claims if the police saw something, it was probably perfume, as she’s ‘quite OCD’ and ‘obsessed with it’.

However, her main comeback to these allegations was:

‘Because I’m a typical woman driver.’

Thanks for that Katie.

Oh of course, she goes on to claim that the people in her car were excitable (they were off to EuroDisney), that the horsebox was very large and she wasn’t used to it, and that the motorway is scary. Fine. Was she on her period too? Because that’s the excuse I was half expecting to hear next. This incident, by the way,  followed allegations from the summer of 2009 that she threatened to run over a teenage fan (in the same horse carrier) while on vacation with her husband, cage fighter Alex Reid (see The Sun article).

Well, according to a recent article from the Telegraph, her excuse may be valid. Computer-based tests, carried out by the University of London, given to 140 people have concluded that women and gay men are worse drivers than heterosexual men. The ‘worse driver’ stigma mainly sticks due to women and gay men’s apparent weakness of poor navigation and disorientation when travelling in unknown locations.

My favourite quote from this article:

“Gay people appear to show a ‘mosaic’ of performance, parts of which are male-like and other parts of which are female-like”

Testing on 140 people is barely scientifically sound. Seriously. The Telegraph also has run  another article heralding women as GOOD drivers. This claim is based on figures from the Transport Department stating that there were 6,529 male  and 2,968 female casualties in 2005.

So, men might be more reckless behind the wheel. Women and ‘gay people’ might be crap navigators. I suppose even though I’m glad to be in the latter category, I still dislike all this generalising. I doubt Katie Price realised what exactly was coming out of her mouth when she squarely blamed her reckless driving on her gender, rather than on her specific self. Say what you like about her career–she’s made a lot of money being shrewd, insightful, and clever. She’s not stupid. In fact, her real appeal lies in the fact that she’s so honest and down-to-earth. So why did she put down women as a whole just to save her own skin? Was that really the intelligent thing to do? Because I doubt anyone would take a lame-ass excuse like that anyway.

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