Me, flowergirl at my Aunt's wedding, the day my sister was born

My sister and I live about 3000 miles apart. It gets hard sometimes because, I have to admit, she’s my best friend. I know my husband is my best friend, but really–my sister is the person who knows me, knows me.

Today, she sent me an email–like she does fairly often. This time, for some reason, it made me really really REALLY miss her. I usually miss her, but today it was just rather intense. Yeah, from her email, it felt like she might need me, and being a big sister that’s like an innate reaction–LITTLE SISTER NEEDS ME, MUST GO TO LITTLE SISTER. But it was more than reflex. I just really felt like relaxing with my sister, because, it seemed, that we BOTH needed to relax.

My sister and I, Easter 1986

I got this vision–in the middle of the day, while at work–of her and I just chilling, riding in her old car (I have yet to see, let alone ride in, the new car). We drive around, running errands, and sip on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee while just shootin’  the shit. Its like the BEST feeling. Basic, I know, but totally relaxing, and totally what I need right now. Unfortunately–the distance is stopping me. The last time I was home, it was kind of a hard time for the family, and my sister was always really anxious. I had taken time off of work to come over, but she still had to work, and we didn’t get whole days of time really to spend together. I had wanted to just go somewhere, just the two of us, or go shopping together all day–something like that. However, that sort of thing never really worked out, but, in a sense, I’m glad it didn’t. Because really, the small amounts of time we did share were awesome. And I really appreciated those moments, however brief, where we got out of the house, or escaped our messy thoughts by watching a movie or ‘Band of Brothers’ together. I always knew we were close, but now I know that we actually do rely on one another.

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  1. Young Wifey says:

    Sisters really are the best!

  2. riotflower says:

    Obviously, I feel the 3,000 miles away part of this blog. It does HURT to be away from sisters, doesn’t it? Imagine believing that when we were 8 and our parents told us we’d be best friends some day. We thought they were crazy! : * ) I’m glad they were right.

    And really, why is running errands so much more fun with a sister?

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