My friend, Riotflower, recently made a post about things she loved and added some great photos. I decided to bite off of her, and do one too, because it’s such a great idea. These are a few silly things I LOVE!…

If awesome could materialise, it would be a cupcake.

Monkeys and Primates
My Chinese zodiac sign is the monkey, so it’s in the stars I guess…

Phillip (left), and baby orangutan Neil (right)...buddies til the end

I always keep a spare piece of A3 (it’s usually been printed on 1 side and bound for the recycling bag) on my desk, almost like a blotter, so I can jot down notes and doodle too…

All doodles copyright of AthenaPearl. They're brilliant, and I know people will want to make them their own...

5 responses »

  1. Yay coffee-related doodles! Those are pretty much the only thing I kept from my grad school notes.

  2. Young Wifey says:

    Cupcakes are def. on mine too. And monkeys, they make everyone smile. I do love your doodles!

  3. riotflower says:

    …and each one of your doodles is like a mini treasure! I have always loved them.

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