I’ve only recently heard…

Lately I’ve been listening to Spotify a lot, swapping music with friends, and grabbing any CD that takes my fancy and checking them out of the library. The result has been a series of hits and misses, but I’ve enjoyed the ride. I’ve also been looking at a few other blogs that feature music, and I’ve decided to bite off them and make a list of my own. Most of what’s below is mellow, summery fare, perhaps I like it because of the season, or my mood. Here are a few of my recent finds…

(as a DISCLAIMER, I own none of this music or the videos, please see the bands’ websites for more information on how to buy their music)

The Features – Gates of Hell

  • This is mellow, but kooky, with some great harmonies.

We’re About 9- I Don’t Know

  • Smooth, slow, acoustic, with a slight twang. Great vocals.

The Black Keys- Ten Cent Pistol

  • Rockin’ with gravely guitar and bluesy vocals.

The Roots- The Fire

  • Upbeat, hip-hoppin’ rap, that just screams Philly summer to me.

Bex Marshall- Love

  • Bluesy guitar with a more tuned Janis Joplin-esque voice.

Sara Lov- New York

  • Angelic, melodic voice with an added dash of quirky.

Robyn- Dancing On My Own

  • Electro-pop from the Swedish singer

Tired Pony- I Am a Landslide

  • Slow, graceful, bluesy song from the supergroup

Train- Hey Soul Sister

  • Kindof  Jack Johnson-y, but fun and summery.

Tom Waits- I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You

  • Gravely-voiced with sweet, clever lyrics

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  1. Thanks for posting — I like getting international updates on what’s going on.

  2. athenapearl says:

    Actually, I think alot of these are American. And to be fair, most aren’t new new, but new to me 🙂

  3. That’s OK, they’re even newer to me!

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