FYI: As I was writing the title for this, I wrote ‘DIY Hate’ …Freudian slip?

Last weekend, I recounted how the husband and I re-floored the kitchen (finally). THIS weekend, we started the paint job. Let me tell you, I knew it would be alot of work, but I had no idea it would be such a pain the buttocks (literally…my whole body is sore).

Buckets O'Muck

The thin clean line

We did the logical thing and cleaned the walls first. I say walls, but really its wood panelling that has probably been up for the past 30 years. Speaking of the last 30 years, guess how much grease and nicotine can collect on the walls in that amount of time? A crap-load, I’m telling you. It was nasty. I know a fair part was grease, from cooking, but still, these people were smokers and some of that had to be nicotine.

I’m not against smokers. I say, do what you want so long as it’s not in my face (or a baby’s face or something). But seriously–don’t smoke in your home if you can avoid it. My parent’s both smoke, and have for the majority of their lives. Ages ago, they redecorated and painted parts of the house. Taking down some large, framed pictures, they saw the REAL colour of their walls. It was shocking. All I’m gonna say is–imagine all that brown on your lungs. End of preaching.

Walls as white as snow

Back to the painting–once we were done scrubbin’, we put up a base coat. Once that was dry, we painted the base boards and mouldings in white gloss. The next step (final step, please God) will be to paint the kitchen a cheery pale yellow.

Lemon Sorbet...classy

3 responses »

  1. riotflower says:

    New tiles and lovely paint, the kitchen is going to be so bright! : * )

  2. Love pale yellow for kitchens! And you’re right, the painting itself is only half the battle — all that cleaning and prepping takes even more elbow grease, I think.

  3. MoVo says:

    I agree … the yellow will look so bright. The baby’s room is yellow and it feels warm as soon as you go in … love it.

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