This is a kindof follow-up to my last entry, ‘The Devil *Is* Prada?’.

I’ve been looking around at my fellow bloggers pages, and recently found this great one by HealthyGirl, entitled ‘No More Bad Body Image: 7 Amazing Steps to Appreciating Your Shape’.

This entry is an interview with Dr Tiffany Stewart, co-founder and cheif scientific officer of The Body Project. This is pulled from their site:

The connection between mind and body is in many ways our most enduring and intimate relationship, directly impacting behavior, health and well being.

Imagine a world where we focused on how our bodies function, instead of how we look. Imagine being one healthy whole… in both mind and body.

We must commit to achieving a genuine peace and contentment surrounding our body image and self worth. We can do this by becoming aware, becoming mindful, improving our own body image and then spreading the word. We can start this movement today by reflecting on ourselves… our real selves.

You might think, its not that easy.
Maybe its not.
But what if it is?

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  1. Nice links! It’s really heartening to see that there are people fighting body dysmorphia in young women — it starts so young these days…

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