Christina Hendricks, the talented actress best known for her role as Joan Harris on ‘Mad Men’, is my newest inspirational woman.  I first remember seeing her in ‘Firefly’. I love the TV show Firefly. Its funny, well written, the characters are awesome, and the story is good. It can’t get much better than that. Well, I suppose TV execs thought it could, because the show was cancelled.  She played  Saffron in the episode ‘Mrs Reynolds’.

Her acting skills make her admirable, and inspirational, but you can’t talk about Christina Hendricks and not mention one word–BODY.  She’s a hottie. And the best thing is–she’s no stick insect hottie.  Ok, ok–I hate it too when women are praised for not conforming to some ‘Hollywood’ stereotype of beauty. I mean, why should they be praised for just NOT being a size zero? But when I look at Christina Hendricks, and watch her kick ass (sometimes literally) on TV, it makes me feel good about myself. Maybe its a bad thing, but watching a beautiful, talented woman who is more relatable, is SO refreshing. I’ve read many interviews that she’s given, and she seems funny, down-to-earth, and completely unphased by her sexual draw. Ok, so maybe a few quotes isn’t how she’s REALLY feeling, but its inspirational nonetheless. More women should be comfortable in their own skin. And watching women who are good at what they do, and love who they are–is very inspirational.

“This is the way I’m built, and I feel beautiful. It’s funny, because I don’t feel like I look that different from anybody. Everyone’s always like, “You’re so much smaller in person!””

Its interesting—the need to feel beautiful, and appreciated. Maybe every woman, every PERSON, feels that. But I don’t know–it seems a specifically female thing. There’s so much hype about Christina Hendricks, and other celebrities like America Ferrera, Gemma Arterton, and Miracle Laurie (to name a few) that don’t conform to the teeny-tiny club. None of the actresses mentioned above is FAT. They aren’t even overweight. They just seem like they are because all the other women in their TV shows cast are very small.

Christina Hendricks talks about how embarrassing it is that people keep talking about her body. I suppose I’m just another person talking about it. I know I AM. It may be base, but she inspires me to appreciate myself more.  It’s kind of sad that I need someone too, but hey–who doesn’t now and again? Aaaannnd maybe I have a little girl-crush 🙂

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  1. Too true. I love how Hollywood tries to make every woman look the same (blonde, stick-like, boring Barbie beauty) then swoons when someone who is actually interesting-looking manages to make it through. And how they have to keep “importing” statuesque women like Gemma Arterton. PS I HEART Firefly too. Statuesque women and Nathan Fillion, yay.

    • athenapearl says:

      I was reading up about Joss Whedon’s ‘Dollhouse’, and was appalled by the amount of media surrounding Miracle Laurie and her body. It was ridiculous. Stood next to Elisha Dushku, anyone (other than Sarah Michelle Gellar) is ALWAYS going to look FAT, full stop.

    • athenapearl says:

      P.S. I heart Nathan Fillion. Hard.

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