This past Saturday’s ‘New Dinner’ was something I’ve been dying to make/try for ages now:

Chicken Enmoladas

Enmoladas are basically enchiladas cooked in a mole sauce. I’ve been wanting to try mole sauce for some time now, and decided last week to make it. Unfortunately, our local supermarket (and other markets–I looked around) don’t have many of the chillies needed in the majority of recipes I looked at. So, I had to modify. I took a sauce recipe, in this case, Tyler Florence’s on the Food Network site, and instead of the dried and other chillies listed, I used some sun-dried peppers in oil, a regular large red chilli, some smoked paprika, and a red pepper. The result was delicious, but quite tangy as a result of the sun-dried peppers. The spice was just right for my husband and I’s palates.

I made half of the recipe for the mole sauce. I grilled 2 chicken breasts that I coated in a little olive oil, smoked paprika, pepper, salt, and a little lemon juice. Once the chicken was cooked through, I sliced finely. Then, I mixed a little of the mole sauce into the chicken pieces. I placed a little of this mixture into some corn tortillas, along with some of the sun-dried peppers, and then rolled them up. I placed the 8 roll-ups in a lasagne dish that had a little sauce on the bottom. Then, I covered in the rest of the mole sauce. Note–I think I could have put a littleless sauce on the roll-ups. Even half the recipe makes a lot, and you can always save some for another time. Finally, I grated a little cheese on top of the enmoladas.

Kidney bean, fennel and herb saladI baked these for about 30 minutes, at 180 degrees C.  Once they were cooked, I roughly chopped some coriander and sprinkled it on top.  I served this with a kidney bean, fennel, and herb salad and spicy potato and sweet potato wedges.

All we needed was some margaritas!

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