Celeriac and Dill Soup with Parsnip ChipsA long time ago, my husband and I went to a really great local restaurant with his parents. Its called the Wheatsheaf at Beetham, and along with serving great Cumbrian food, they once upon a time served this delicious soup.  For ages afterwards, I tried to find a recipe, and finally I found one that seemed close.

This is from ‘Chatelaine Recipes’. I liked the look of it, and decided to try it one night. The only alterations I made were to NOT whip the cream before adding it (a little weird), to not use any cheese, and to add half of an apple. Many other recipes I looked at included apple, so I thought it worth a go. A whole apple might be worth trying too, but I worried the soup would become too sweet.

I served this drizzled with some extra cream and with some chopped fresh dill as garnish. On the side–parsnip chips (fries), and fresh French bread. I used 2 large parnsips, which I sliced small, covered in olive oil and Mrs Dash and sea salt, and put into the oven for around 30-40 minutes at 180 degrees C. The bread–I sliced. Hard work.

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  1. youngwifey says:

    Mm… looks delicious!

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