Time and a half, its come to this
What tidings do you bring to dreamy sleep?
What does it mean when you’re selling things?
Outside a party, a waiting heap.
Winners and losers decided there
Partners, check, and happy, tick, tick
Added up equals nothing ‘tween us
Miles away and nostalgia thick.

Oh Boy, you could have been a man
Oh Boy, you weren’t just then
Now you are nothing but memory
Minds warp what they cannot see.

Hint at pain, with claws stuck in to the quick
Regrets and misses coming to a  old boil still
New improved seasoning adds to its flavour,
Pulling through, pulling out, is up to sheer will.
Time and space, here, they are no device
Your face an avatar of this deviousness
No wishing, no fantasy, no long-lost love
Never seeing, never knowing, would it suffice?

No talking. Just sickly silence
As emotions swirled and warred.
At last, you left, melted into ether
Boy, I’m used to being ignored.

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