Kicked Up Jambalaya

When I was in university, and I started eating meat again, this was something I always liked to make. I made it once at my parents’ house, and my dad loved it! He still requests it from time to time when I’m home. I have lost my old recipe, so decided to try a new one! It’s great if you need to use up some vegetables, or if you have some left-over chicken from a roast (use instead of chicken pieces or breasts). I love that its spicy, but full of herbs and interesting flavours.

We made: Emeril Lagasse’s Kicked Up Jambalaya

I basically followed this recipe online, leaving out the shrimp/prawns. I also used 3 chicken breasts (1 was very small) instead of chicken pieces.

3 responses »

  1. youngwifey says:

    Sounds and looks good. Although I’d like to make it with shrimp and scallops.

  2. athenapearl says:

    I love scallops! The trouble is that in some shops they keep the seafood together before they set it out, so it gets all mixed with shrimp juice. I have to be careful sometimes!

  3. athenapearl says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that we actually put in a few anchovies to give it a bit of seafood flavour…

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