When I lived in York, I remember an aquaintance of a friend I worked with starting an arts magazine, Aesthetica. Its now in its 8th year, and holding several competitions in the various fields of literature, art, and film.  I’m seriously thinking about entering some art and some poetry. It costs £10 to enter, but it would be worth it just to see something of mine published, if I was lucky enough to become a finalist.  It’s making me feel nervous, but an excited kind of nervous. Like when I was in high school, and auditioning for plays. Always feeling like you might not make it, might not be good enough, but loving the act of DOING it. I miss that time. Being in plays, in debate, taking art classes. I’ve begun to rediscover some of these passions.

What’s YOUR dream? What is it that you think about doing, but maybe put off because you’re a bit scared?

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  1. riotflower says:

    Oh! You must enter! Your stuff is always wonderful!
    I love the new header.
    Getting a Ph.D. scared me. It still sort of does even though I’ve defended. The final bit of corrections have been put off because I am actually scared of being so close to actually achieving such a big goal!

  2. youngwifey says:

    Yes, do enter! I started writing several children’s novel, but never finished… lost that wind or started another.

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