My friend Alix made me a sock monkey for my last birthday. She also presented me with a book on making sock monsters. One of those monsters was a ‘super-hero’. I took the idea and made my monster using scraps of fabric instead. Ok, I didn’t have a pattern…and it shows. And ok, I didn’t use a sewing machine, but I don’t think that shows too badly. I haven’t sewn anything more than a button in AGES, so sitting down and just making something simple really appealed to me. What I did was cut out the 2 halves of the body from an old fleece jumper. Then, I stitched them together by hand, leaving a gap in the bottom so that I could stuff him. Then, I cut out a mask, teeth, and mouth from felt. I sewed these on very informally (I think it looks cute). I then sewed on 4 buttons for the eyes (large blue underneath smaller shell-white). Then, I stuffed him, sewed him shut–but before I did the last few stitches, I inserted a little felt tag with the letter ‘M’ stitched on it. ‘M’ for my name and ‘M’ for Monster Monty.

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