White Christmas

I don’t normally like making New Year’s Resolutions.  I suppose that’s because its usually an admittance of something you’re lacking, or not particularly good at. However, this year–I’ve decided to just DO it.

  1. To take better care of my clothes (its not that I keep them in the garbage or anything, but I want to make sure all my ‘nice’ clothes STAY NICE. And I need to iron more…or at all would be a start).
  2. To stay on top of paying my student loans (fairly self explanatory. I have to send money to America every so often to do this, and that’s where I fall down sometimes).
  3. And finally…to be less wired up, less worried, and less negative. In short, to be more GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE of the things I DO have.

Number 3 is the big ‘un. In order to buttress my willpower, I’ve opened a Twitter account, and will ‘tweet’ my ‘gratefuls’ to the world everyday.

Check it out HERE.

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  1. youngwifey says:

    Sounds like a good start!

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