This past weekend I contributed some schtuff to a local craft fair that one of my close friends helped put together. I made several necklaces and bracelets (none of which sold–boo!), several blank journals stylized by my own original designs, some cards (all of the profits on these I gave to the charity Cancer Research), some crayon ‘wacky writers’, and other odds and sods. All in all, it wasn’t a highly profitable day (I actually made £4) for most of us, but I really enjoyed making everything. So…friends o’mine! You may be getting some of this stuff for Christmas!

Packs of Christmas cards

Packs of Christmas cards

Me bracelets


Decorated journals

My table

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  1. riotflower says:

    Sorry it wasn’t so profitable. From what I hear, it takes a while on the circuit for business to pick up. Next time have me there to talk your wonderful creations up to the crowd!

  2. youngwifey says:

    I love your creations, they’re beautiful. And yay! You made wacky writers.

  3. riotflower says:

    You always have an eye for presentation- and it shows- your display was beautiful!

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