This past weekend, some friends of mine got married on the HMS Warrior docked at Portsmouth.  It was amazing! Just being on the ship was awesome, but having the ceremony and the reception on it as well was fantabulous! We had the ship basically to ourselves! The affair was a relatively small one, mostly family, and a few friends. The atmosphere was incredible, there are no other words.

One of my favourite moments, besides seeing two good friends get hitched, was being on the top deck, all by myself, with the stars overhead, and music drifting up from below. The music was a sortof jig, and I danced, right there, in the cool, night breeze. It was magical, and I’ll always remember it.

6454_119169494018_556199018_2240106_6197052_nAs those who know me well can attest, I don’t really like getting dressed up, and therefore feel a lot of pressure when going to weddings. So, this time, I really tried to do it up right. My dress was a forties inspired, red wrap dress. I did my nails and toes in a dark red shade, my eye make up was smokey, and my lips cherry-red. My hair, was a thing of time-suckage.  I don’t know how to do hair. I just don’t. So, I did the best ‘forties’ do I could without time to curl my hair or run out and get ‘rats’ for victory rolls/curls.  I did some basic pin backs with normal hair grips/bobby pins, sortof following this tutorial.  There are some pretty good ones, with more intricate hair dos than this on the web, so check some out if you’d really like some forties glamour hair. I added some crystal clip-on earrings to my hair do, a fitted black jacket, some black shoes with ankle-straps, a black clutch, and some shades to complete the ‘forties’ look.

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  1. youngwifey says:

    You look great! I can’t access the hair tutorial for some reason.

    • athenapearl says:

      Cheers, m’dear. I think I’ve fixed the link…
      FYI: There are some better tutorials online, this one is pretty simple.

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