My friend K is getting married.  This past weekend was her hen-do, and her bridesmaids decided to through a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for her.  Most of us made cakes or cookies, so there was PLENTY to satisfy even the biggest cake stomach.  We also each brought in pictures and a filled in questionnaire (all about our impressions and memories of K) to go into a special scrapbook.  Our presents were meant to be something that related to a story  shared between K and the giver. Well, I don’t have too many stories with K, but I thought of something, even if it was a little lame.  K and her fiance both work with me, and awhile ago they left the company to start working somewhere else…and live in a yurt.  Everyone chipped in, and we organised some interesting presents for them, including a t-shirt for her fiance, and some ‘yurt survival’ gear. A few months later, they came back to work for us! So, to remind her of this story, I painted a t-shirt with a cartoon-y looking yurt and the phrase ‘I ♥ yurt’ . The other part of her present, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the story was a homemade button bracelet in a decorated box. The interesting thing is, that when given her presents, K had to guess who they were from.  She didn’t guess me!



Star box and button-bracelet

Star box and button-bracelet

As for the Tea Party, I made some Red Velvet cupcakes with creamcheese icing, and cinnamon-walnut rugalech.  I’d never made red velvet cake before, andafter looking up some recipes, was unsure how I would.  Most American recipes use buttermilk, which only a select few supermarkets in the UK sell.  So, my friend hunted around for me and came across this UK conversion for red velvet cake, which turned out alright, though a little greasy for my liking. I made the cupcakes, baking for slightly less

RV cupcakes with CC icing

RV cupcakes with CC icing

time than stated in the recipe.  I made the icing, as per instructions, but put it into icing bags and tied them closed.  I ended up icing them on the day with the piping bags, and sprinkling a little cocoa powder and some (borrowed) edible glitter for decoration. For the Tea Party, all involved brought mismatching teacups and saucers and some teapots and stands if they had them.  I arranged mine on a 2-tiered jobby, and crafted some flowers, leaves, and a little rabbit out of white marzipan.

The cinnamon-walnut rugalech I will have to put in another posting–as I forgot the recipe! So, check back with me later!

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  1. Shari says:

    The cupcakes look great! I love making them. Red velvet is difficult to make in the UK. I’ve been able to find buttermilk at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, but not sure what the stock is like up where you are.

  2. youngwifey says:

    Looks great! The Mad Hatter Theme is so fun.

    • youngwifey says:

      I almost forgot! Try making your own buttermilk next time you need it. Add one Tbs. of white vinegar to a one cup measuring cup and then fill it to the one cup mark with milk, let it sit a few minutes, then use however much you need. I’ve used this before and it worked great!

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