As most people who have known me awhile can attest, I love cardigans.  I have many cardies, of many colours and fabric weights and types.  They have been a main staple of my wardrobe since I was a teenager.  Recently, however, I noticed that 2 of my favourites  (a black 3/4-sleeved fitted and a brown 3/4-sleeve) are getting a bit ropey.  They’re faded and hole-y.  The black one isn’t too bad, so I may dye it black and see how that turns out. In the end, though,  I decided to shop around for some replacements.  There are some massive summer sales on at the moment, so I ended up looking in every shop on the high street…and finding nothing.  Sure, there were some cute bargains, but nothing that I thought I could wear with some regularity.  Also, they were fairly pricey–ranging from £10 (a horrible but quirky striped number) to £25 (a really really nice green one). I finally ended up in one of the bigger charity shops in town.  They had loads of cardies!  I thought to myself, JACKPOT!  I ended up buying 2 (1 brown and 1 black) cardies, a 40s style navy blue leaf-print dress, and a book–all for less then £14.  As my mom always said, its not secondhand, its ’boutique’!

2 cardies and a dress (sorry so blurry!)

2 cardies and a dress (sorry so blurry!)

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  1. riotflower says:

    Nice finds! I much prefer charity shops to regular stores- in fact, I can’t stand the fact that high street stores have so many of the same thing!
    (I am also amused by the fact that three of us refer to this as charity shop hop in our blogs!)

  2. youngwifey says:

    Cute dress! I also think it’s a great title for our blogs about our preloved digs!

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