I finally finished painting and decorating the little bathroom cupboard.  Prior to painting, I had wiped the entire cupboard clean and taken off the little brass doorknob.



I layed down some newspaper, and began to paint the cupboard with bathroom paint.  I ended up doing several coats, as the cupboard is made from a rather shoddy wood, and the paint needed to really get into all the nooks and crannies. Also, I had sanded the cupboard ages ago, and the paint did soak in a little.  Once the paint was dry, I sketched out (lightly) a design on the drawer front and around where the doorknob would go. I used paint pens and other types of metallic pens.  Once this was done, I applied a thin layer of matte  finish/protector. Once this had dried, I replaced the doorknob.

After (detail)

After (detail)


After finishing the cupboard, I painted up the wooden holder of a soap dispenser with the same bathroom paint. I also added some metallic decoration–finishing it again with a layer of matte finishing protector.

Soap dispenser

Soap dispenser

2 responses »

  1. youngwifey says:

    It does look great!

  2. riotflower says:

    Was great to see this beautiful creation in person!

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