Some really great friends of mine are coming to visit in a week or so, and so my husband and I have been undertaking a rather late ‘spring clean’.  Cleaning is fine, but we’ve yet to start truly decorating our house of almost 3 years.  Ok, we’ve put in our own things, of course, and hung pictures and ‘surface’ decorated, but we’ve yet still to  click over into ‘decorating’ gear.  NONE of this stuff is going to get done before my lovely friends of mine arrive, so I’ve been thinking of little projects to do to make our house a little nicer!

Project No.1

For ages now, I’ve been wanting to paint up this dinky little cupboard we inherited from that mythical ‘someplace’.  Its nothing fancy–it has a little drawer, a gap/shelf, and a doored cupboard bit.  I bought a little brass handle for the door awhile back, and even sanded the thing down, but never got around to painting it.  Well, no more procrastination! I’ve bought some bathroom paint in a lovely magnolia-esque shade, and I’m painting it this weekend.  I’m also going to decorate it with some of my line designs and perhaps some German-Pennsylvanian designs as well…we’ll see what mood I’m in.  Will post some pictures soon, to show the outcome! Watch this space…

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  1. riotflower says:

    The thing that will make your home “nicer” during our visit is having both of you there! That’s all my dear!
    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing your wee changes in person and on this blog.

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