Recently, a friend of mine’s little girl turned 3.  My friend and another woman, whose son was also turning 3, decided to throw a joint birthday party and invite all of the kids from the nursery their children attended.  The little girl (my friend’s daughter) is OBSESSED with princesses and all things princess-like.  The little boy is OBSESSED with pirates.  Therefore–the Princess and Pirate theme party. I was enlisted…hmmm…volunteered tp help with some of the preparation, namely drawing some themed posters.  I ended up drawing several, on A1 sheets of paper, using a hodge-podge of art supplies (oil pastels, markers, coloured pencils, etc).   I forgot to bring my own, personal stash of supplies, so I used theirs and came up with a few ideas.  In the end, there was a pirate ship–complete with a mermaid as figurehead, a cartoon version of the little boy and his dog manning the crow’s nest, some pirate flags, a cartoon princess of the little girl, a castle, and a princess flag–with emblems of a tiara, magic wands, and stars.  I think they worked out well, and my friend’s daughter immediately said, ‘That is me!’, so I think I did my job all right.

Some of the posters, up, at the party

Some of the posters, up, at the party

We also made many lovely cakes, biscuits, and some savoury items (including ‘cheesy feet’) to serve up to everyone at the party.  The cheesy feet were a hit, and SO easy to make (we followed a recipe similar to this, and my friend had bought an extremely cute ‘foot’ cookie cutter).  They were all mighty tasty.

Cheesy Feet

Cheesy Feet

But, the piece de resistance was the gorgeous cake my friends made:

Princess Cake

Princess Cake

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  1. youngwifey says:

    great job! i love the sketches. my fav’ part of planning a child’s birthday party is creating the elements to make the theme cohesive and fun!

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