I have to start off by saying that I think buttons are marvelous.  I get into any haberdashery and make a bee-line for those stacked tubes full of buttons! All those shapes, sizes, and colours–my brain just aches thinking of different things to make!  My friend showed me how to make these simple bracelets and necklaces, just using buttons and some string, or thick thread.  You can make a loop at one end either by tieing a knot or by using a chain end/cord grip (and snipping off the circlet at the top) to secure the tie.  Then, choose your buttons! Make a pattern or don’t.  After each button, tie a knot in the thread close to the button eye, so it doesn’t move around too much.  You can add beads or anything else you fancy. Then keep going until your have the desired length.  Once you’re at the end, just tie on a final button to fit through your loop, making a sortof ‘clasp’.

Button bracelet 1

Button bracelet 1

This one is the first that I made–which was a little wonkey, as I had trouble figuring out how to make a ‘clasp’ out of a button and a loop of string, but it all worked out.  I love the colours of these buttons–the greens and blacks, and the horn-looking one in the centre!

I went on to make another and eventually gave it to a friend, and she liked it so much she wore it to her grad ball with her really posh dress!  I chose these buttons from a charity stall at a village fete.  I loved how the colours looked together, especially the pale sea-blues with the stony-beiges.

Button bracelet 2

Button bracelet 2

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